Hall Pictures is a Greensboro, North Carolina based motion picture company specializing in the development and production of shorts, features, and series. Hall Pictures is the home of Creative Producer Seth Hall and his friends, colleagues and fellow creatives. As you may expect from a production company based out of North Carolina we are truly independent, doing our best to develop great stories and produce high-quality content with any and all available resources. And while we do aspire to partner with other production companies and studios to help produce our projects, we are still proving that we are capable of creating great content at a high level. Currently, we are focusing our efforts on the production of short films to improve our craft and process while we work our way up to more long-form content like features and web series. We place a high value on quality and are diligent throughout the whole filmmaking process, but most important is how we provide a safe and nurturing environment for film creatives and how we treat others with kindness and respect. Filmmaking is a miracle in collaboration and it takes a village. To us, people are most important. We strive to partner with up and coming writers and directors and provide opportunities for a variety of film creatives. Simply put we want to be the production company that can get films made and enjoy the experience along the way.

Project Pipeline


Rubber Chickenweb series | comedy
8amshort film | drama


The Dreamshort film | horror


The DreamJune | 2020

Post Production

Morning Routineshort film | drama

Hall Pictures is a film production company based in Greensboro, NC. © 2020

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